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I Have a Question?

What will you do with Jesus? These words have ecohed down through the ages, from the time that Pilate first uttered the words: “What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ? They all say unto him, Let him be crucified.” Matt 27:22

There are several possible answers to this question? Which will you give. “Sirs, what must I do to be saved.” Was the answer to this question that the Philippian  jailer gave to Paul and Silas and we are told that he believed and so did all of his house saved? Acts 16:31

In Matt 27, the answer of the Jewish leaders was “They all say unto him, Let him be crucified!”

Pilates answer was to let Christ be crucified and he turned Jesus over to be crucified.

The Jewish leaders answer was to deny him. Acts 3:13

Eventually, everyone will be forced to their knees before Jesus you can wait until then, but the answer of faith in Christ will be to late then. You can answer, I believe right now and spend eternity in faith and worship to Christ.  Acts 2:9-11


Written by tfheringer

August 13, 2007 at 4:46 am

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