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Enola Gay

The aviator who piloted the B29 (‘Enola Gay’ was nicknamed after his grandmother) dropped the first A–bomb on Hiroshima died today. There are those who will say some terrible things about him. This is written to defend him and is done in just one paragraph. If he had not dropped those bombs my brother would have not made it back alive from WWII. I would have never had the privilege of knowing him and honoring him. The Japanese were not listening to negotiations and had refused to give up. They would have fought until all of them were dead including my brother. Thousands and possibly much, much more would have died, then did in those two cities. The war had to be stopped and that was the only thing that was going to end it quickly. So Thank you, General Paul Tibbets for doing the job your nation sent you to do and my sympathies go to your family in loosing such a great patriot, father and friend. God Bless You


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November 1, 2007 at 11:22 pm

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