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Hearer of the word, or doer of the word

If a hearer gets saved by the seeker-sensitive gospel, then it is very possible that since these very important doctrines have not been explained, they really did not get saved at all. At least not in a way it would count to God. They could get saved to a local church and still not make it to heaven. This is the worst kind of deception and smacks of the hand of Satan. He has found a new way of circumventing God’s plan of salvation. Rick Warren and crowd in an attempt to be seeker-sensitive do not preach about sin and judgment during worship services, plus little about the atonement all of which are necessary doctrinal truths for salvation. Leaving them out of their message is deceiving. It is walking away from the faith that is once delivered unto the saints. I am sure as I sit here at my desk that if Jesus, Paul, John, Peter and the rest of the early church fathers were to go into Saddle Back Church, that they would not be happy with what they see.


Written by tfheringer

March 30, 2008 at 7:02 pm

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