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The Bizare world of Richard Abanes

“In one of Richards comments on this blog he states

“now you guys have just gone kooky. You are living on another planet, in another dimension of your own reality created from the most bizarre religious delusions I have ever witnessed up close and personal. Now, there is simply no reason to talk to you because, well, to be honest, you just can’t even understand plain old English anymore.”

I have to agree there are two very clear camps forming. One that adhears to the fundementals in Christianity by both word and deed.

And another camp that picks and chooses what parts of Christianity they choose to follow and scorn anyone in Christinanity who would refer to themselves as being fundemental.

This is a new form of Christianity that has taken evil form and at its roots is not Jesus Christ or His word…more


Written by tfheringer

April 8, 2008 at 8:17 pm

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