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It seems that some one made a comment to a news article. The comment actually had nothing whatsoever to do with the news article. This individual made the comment that the tomb of Jesus had been found including a coffin, so he guessed that since Jesus died and did not rise again that settled it. Since to his line of reasoning if James Cameron in an upcoming Discovery Channel movie can show an empty bone casket and prove thereby that Jesus was dead that Christianity would just fall dead. There has been plenty of comment in defense of the faith showing how wrong Cameron’s reasoning is.

The one comment that I would like to elaborate on is the news article written to answer Cameron’s assertions. In this article this comment was made, that I would like to share with you: “Another blogger at agreed the new movie is just another way to make a buck. “Why is it, nobody seems to have any interest in doing the same thing to Islam, rabbinic Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism?” he asked.” ( Indeed what is this thing about attacking the authenticity of the Bibles claims, but not making any kind of an asserted effort to disprove the authenticity of say Mohammad.

Is it that since Mohammed was such a saint that there is nothing to point out about him (tongue in cheek here) or is it just the same old Hollywood bias? Although it is fairly well known that Mohammed was a pervert (he had sex with girls as young as 8). We hear nothing about that at all. He also had ultra orthodox Jews put to death, but we here nothing about that. He tried to get Christians and Jews to accept his brand of plural god’s, but failed to get enough converts out of them to point to historically as evidence of his validity. His religion has been so weak that the only way to get converts is to force them at sword point.

Perhaps we are better off with the Lord Jesus Christ that the New Testament tells us about, the One who is the eternal Son of God? The Old Testament and New Testament records prove beyond a shaddow of a doubt as to who Jesus is. They prove out to be very accurate.

By comparing the O.T with the N.T the evidences of a literal Christ, dying on the cross, being buried in a grave a real one and then being resurrected three days later is absolutely an historical fact. Since Jesus did what the Bible says He did and since He is who He says He is, then there is no reason to second guess our selves at this point in history.

If all of this is true and I believe the bible to be inerrant and authroitative, then everything else that the bible says is true also. This means that since Jesus is God, there can be no other and this also makes Him the Creator (“All things were made by Him and without Him was not made anything that was made” John 1:3. Since Jesus is the creator then evolution is a lie of the highest magnitude as is all of mans puny attempts to pull himself up by his own bootstraps.

I do have good news for you, Jesus will save you if you just call on Him, admit that you are a sinner and in need of salvation. He promises to save you eternally. God does not hold anything against people who come in repentence and faith in Jesus Christ.


Written by tfheringer

April 12, 2008 at 10:37 pm

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