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Successor of Peter of an Anti-Christ

With the pope visiting the US, I thought maybe a post on who is really the successor of Peter, or is their a successor to Peter. Would Peter even admit to being a Catholic? If the succession from Peter to the current pope is unbroken, then that admits that some of the worst murders of all time are in succession to the current pope. This means the line is broken, that is if Peter was the first pope. What and who is the pope? more…

The history of Roman Catholicism has been one of intrigue and betrayal. She has murdered true saints and sanctified villains. She is a harlot that takes over everything she comes in contact with. Now some protestants are returning to Rome, just as a dog always does to his own vomit. The Catholic church is really the remains of the Holy Roman Empire, which was a marriage between an apostate Christian church and the government of Rome. Catholicism is not truly Christian and does not represent the majority of real Christians. The president should not have even met this hider of murders and protector of perverts. Take a closer look at Crime and Immorality in the Catholic church to see what Catholicism is really about and it isn’t about Christ.


Written by tfheringer

April 17, 2008 at 7:57 pm

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