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Filled seats, but empty hearts and souls

Church is not about how many seats are full on any given Sunday morning. It is not how many you can claim filled the seats. Numbers are not the ultimate test, by which we test our ministries. In fact empty hearts and souls is a far more important concern. A congregation of 1,000, but 200 saved is not as good as a congregation of 200 with 175 saved.  Notice I have not said 200 with 200 saved, because not every one who is a member of our churches is really saved. There are those out there who do not realize they are not saved, but belong to Bible believing churches. There are also those out there who know they are not believers, but lie in wait to snatch up new believers.  Not just how many are saved, but how is their walk with Christ.

Is your pastor preparing you in a biblical and scriptural manner to face the world week by week? Is he faithfully preaching the text of scripture? We call this the exposition of scripture, not reading into it what you want it to say, but preaching what it says even if you do not like what it says. We use to say is the preacher stepping on your toes? If he is not doing this then he is not doing what he is supposed to do. Or are you going to church for the entertainment value, but if it is entertainment you want there are better places to go.

Church is for believers and the building them up in spiritual faith and practice. A pastor is in away kind of working himself out of a job, because he is an example to his flock, both in word and deed. This example should be creating a strong, sufficient and sustaining walk with God. Much like a parent does with a child you teach them to crawl, walk, stand and then run, plus somewhere in there you give them tools that make them better able to discern danger.

However, before you can be built up as a believer, first you must be a believer in Christ. Not just that he existed, but that He died for you, was buried in a tomb and was resurrected on the third day. If you believe this then right now as you read this tell God that you now believe that Jesus died for you and that you accept Him as your savior. Then go and find a church that will help you grow as a believer. If you need help in finding a church, please post a comment and I will help you.


Written by tfheringer

April 23, 2008 at 9:12 pm

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