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The Catholic Church is an imposter.

The Catholic church attempts to date themselves way back to 33 A.D. This despite the complete lack of evidence that they were even around in 33 A.D. The early church was decidedly not Catholic. The new testament churches of the first century had more in common with present day Baptists, (sometimes called ana-Baptist), then with the so called Catholic Church. There is an undefinable, but unbroken line from new testament times till the present. The early churches were by no way perfect and when I say they were undefinable I mean that we have very little in the way of records that can define them for us. They were to busy dying at the hands of the Catholic Church. The Popes hands are dripping with the blood of the martyr’s, there is no repentance for them, if you are a Catholic I strongly urge you to leave the whore church now, because the wrath of God is going to be unleashed, the Catholic church will find itself at the outpouring of that bowl of wrath. Baptized believers have been present in every generation back to the New Testament. They had to hide in the mountains of Switzerland and wherever else they could to perserve their faith.

I am going to come back to this discussion later on, but first let’s define what we mean by the word “Church”? One definition of the church says, “The visible Curch of Christ is a congregation of faithful men in which the pure Word of God is preached, and the sacraments duly adminstered according to Christ ordance in all things that are of necessity requisite to the same”, if you substitute ordinances here for sacrament, this is not a bad definition (Jarrel, 4). The visible local church is the true church any churches based on anything else is not a church. The Roman church is not the local church, but the general body, hence Catholic. Granted there are local bodies, but they just exist to distribute their poison.

“A Christian church is a congregation of baptised believers in Christ, worshipping together, associated in the faith and fellowship of the gospel; praqcticing its precepts; observing its ordinances; recognizing and receiving Christ as their Supreme law giver and ruler; and taking His Word as their sufficient and exclusive rule of faith and practice in all matters of religion. (Jarrel, 4)” The New Hampshire Confession: “We believe that a visible church of Christ is a congregation of baptised believers, aassociated by covenant in the faith and fellowship of the gospel observing the ordances of Christ; governed by His laws; and exercising the gifts, rights and privileges invested in them by His Word,…(Jarrel, 5)”

“The greek word for church is Ecclesia and is used some 114 times in the New Testament (Jarrel, 5).” Of those 99 times it refers to a local church, not a spiritual church, not a universal church, but a local church. It always refers to a local body and never anything else. So according to New Testament church, the Roman Catholic Church does not have a scriptural practice, but extra scriptural. There is no pope whatwoever mentioned in the New Testament, there are no offices such as Cardnials, Arch Bishops, etc. There are elders and pastors mentioned in scripture, but these are all in conjunction with you guessed it a local church. The actual church mentioned in scripture is a local body. If the Roman Catholics are correct then the church they support is where they should go. What I am saying is if Catholics are right they need to start attending the church they are members of, go to Rome, Italy and attend church there. In fact why not have every Catholic move to Rome, I will even help them pack.

When Jesus said these words, “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matt 16:18, says Dr. Jarrel, “This is a church, but one kind of church–a kingdom–not “branches.” The disciples are branches of HIM. However there are no branches of Him. The Lord Jesus Christ is head of the church and its king, not the Pope in Rome. My spiritual ancestors died for sentiment such as this and I am proud to stand next to them in this day of spiritual darkness.

So we have defined the church as being a local body, it is never spoken in Scripture other wise. There is no truth to a Universal church, be it Catholic or Protestant. The local church then has as its head Christ, He alone is our King and Savior, there is none other and there is none like HIM. The only way to preserve the local church is through a local church. A monster like the Catholic church is powerless to do anything about its mounting moral morass. A local church on the other hand has power to excommunicate and it has real meaning. Christ is also the High Priest, we need no other priest, every believer is given the right to represent himself to God, we call this the priest hood of the believer and it is based on Christ as the High Priest. The church needs no prophets because we have the one who penned His eternal word, Christ Jesus and He holds the reigns of the future.

Unlike others who have brought this up, I will not stand for any name calling or shenanigans. That means if you are a Catholic, the only thing I would really like to here is that you have personally repented and are leaving the Catholic church. Then you must acknowledge your need of Christ who died for your sins was buried and was raised from the dead the third day. You say that you already believe in Christ, but the Christ you believe in is not the Christ of the Bible. You have been duped again by the whore.


Written by tfheringer

April 30, 2008 at 1:06 am

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