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Evangelicals Desert the Faith once delivered

The Reformation fathers would be very disappointed in this generation. The battle cries of the Reformation were summed up on the words Sola Scriptura, this was always backed up by a turning to the scriptures to draw our understanding of sin, judgement and salvation. The further cry of the reformation was Justification by Faith alone, no works can ever get you into heaven only faith in the Word of God….

“The February 2008 edition of Christianity Today ran a cover story about evangelicals looking to the ancient Roman Catholic Church in order to find beliefs and practices.1 What was shocking about the article was that both the author of the article and the senior managing editor of CT claim that this trip back to Rome is a good thing. Says Mark Galli the editor, “While the ancient church has captivated the evangelical imagination for some time, it hasn’t been until recently that it’s become an accepted fixture of the evangelical landscape. And this is for the good.”2 Chris Armstrong, the author of the article who promotes the trip back to the ancient church, claims that because the movement is led by such persons as “Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, and living and practicing monks and nuns,” that therefore, “they are receiving good guidance on this road..more


Written by tfheringer

May 3, 2008 at 1:50 am

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