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Hagee backs down on Catholic comments

John Hagee had this comment to make in an apology to Catholics from an article in USA Today:

“In my zeal to oppose anti-Semitism and bigotry in all its ugly forms, I have often emphasized the darkest chapters in the history of Catholics and Protestant relations with the Jews,” Hagee wrote. “In the process, I may have contributed to the mistaken impression that the anti-Jewish violence of the Crusades and the Inquisition defines the Catholic Church. It most certainly does not.”

Oh! But it does define them, the same attitude towards the scriptures and obedience to the clear commands of scripture are ignored by the Catholic Church, such as the one about Idols. Or the worship of men as opposed to the sole worship of God. Yes, they are not much different, although they are not trying saints for crimes against the church, then they were in the dark ages. The traditions of the Catholic church reek of a whore totally unrelated to the Christ of the Scriptures.

“Hagee has often made references to “the apostate church” and the “great whore,” terms that Catholics say are slurs aimed at the Roman Catholic Church. In his letter, Hagee said he now better understood that his use of those descriptions, taken from the Book of Revelations, are “a rhetorical device long employed in anti-Catholic literature and commentary.””

Rhetoric or not the truths behind them stand very well. The book of revelations description is of the Catholic church is taken from the description of the whore as sitting on 7 hills. The abomination is spoken of as a combination resulting from the marriage of church and state. The Catholic church is the arch typical combination of these two things. I believe that the Roman church is far from being Christian, but is the continuance in modern time of the Holy Roman Empire, which was a marriage of the Roman empire to the Christian church at Rome. The Roman church did not exist outside of the Roman empire until well after the third century. Even when the Nicean Creed was being formed, the Roman church was still not in control of all the churches spread througout the empire. During the whole time of the formation of the Roman party there were churches in the remote areas around europe that were still primitive Baptist Churches.

Me trust the Catholics? Not on your life! Or mine for that matter.

He stressed that in his use, “neither of these phrases can be synonymous with the Catholic Church.”

Regardless they are synonymous with the Catholic church and if the Apostle John was with us I guarantee that he would also equate the Catholic church with the abominable whore of his book.


Written by tfheringer

May 14, 2008 at 12:16 am

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