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Jesus is the Messiah of Israel

John Hagee’s claims that Jesus never offered Himself to Israel as Messiah and that Jesus rejected being the Messiah to Israel is pure foolishness. John Hagee is either a very cunning manipulator or very ignorant of the Bible and maybe both.

Hagee’s claims about the Jesus not offering Himself as Messiah to Israel has got me so riled that I have started through the gospels looking for everything that points to Jesus coming to be just that The Messiah to Israel. So far I have got to Matt 11 long way to go, but wow! Is there ever a strong message in this, if Jesus did not come to be the Messiah, then neither did He come to be the savior either. He was called both Jesus and Christ, the one being savior the other being Greek for Messiah. The offer he made on the day we refer to as the triumphal entry was just that a legitimate offer to Israel of David’s Son as King of Israel and Messiah. Jesus never ever rejected His people, but they most certainly rejected HIM, I await the return of King Jesus! He will rule as the prophets say with a sword of iron! Nothing less then Jesus Blood and Righteousness, the gospel is the one thing not being preached today that will make a difference in the hearts of men and woman. The death, burial and resurrection is the only answer, Christ came to give Himself as our Redeemer. God does not want numbers He wants mankind to turn to the Lord Jesus for forgiveness for their sins and eternal life. This age we live in is the very end of the age. I believe again that Jesus is coming very soon.

I am preparing a message on this very subject visiting every portion of scripture possible dealing with the subject, is Jesus Israels Messiah? Check back and watch.


Written by tfheringer

May 16, 2008 at 12:34 am

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