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Is the Pope my spiritual father?

This should have a very simple answer, but unfortunately this statement will probably have an effect that will disturbe some people.

The pope is not my spiritual father, that rest’s solely with the Lord God and His Son The Lord Jesus Christ. So if the pope is not father, then what is he. This must be taken in the darkness of what the Catholic church it says about him. He is supposedly the lineal represenative of Peter and hence Jesus Christ himself. If he is indeed a represenative of Christ, which I most adamantly say he is not, then he is at the very least an anti-Christ or is indeed the anti-Christ. He does not in any case represent the vast majority of Christians world wide that do not call themselves Roman Catholics.

I am from this point on calling him Anti-Christ instead of what the Catholic church says he is. I do not now and never recognized him as a real believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Written by tfheringer

May 23, 2008 at 7:49 pm

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