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What is Higher Criticism?

There has been a sustained atack on the validity of the Bible as God inspired. The whole point that liberalism is trying to make is that the bible is just a book and not a very good one at that. We have been defending the scriptures now for over 150 years, maybe a little more then that. Primarily there has been an attempt to prove that Genesis was not written by Moses, but was written by a series of authors and then put together. This actually has no basis whatwoever in history and is entirely an artifical creation.


What is the meaning of the Higher Criticism? Why is it called higher? Higher than what? At the outset it must be explained that the word “Higher” is an academic

term, used in this connection in a purely special or technical sense. It is not used in the popular sense of the word at all, and may convey a wrong impression to the ordinary man. Nor is it meant to convey the idea of superiority. It is simply a term of contrast. It is used in contrast to the phrase, “Lower Criticism.”

One of the most important branches of theology is called the science of Biblical criticism, which has for its object the study of the history and contents, and origins and purposes, of the various books of the Bible…more


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June 1, 2008 at 1:33 pm

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