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Just a nagging question?

What did evolutionists think was going to happen to society when they took the Bible and God out of it. Did they honestly think they were going to create a better society? Did they really think that this brave new world they envisioned would be a morally pure one? Did they even take into consideration the empact of leaving the Ten Commandments out would make men good?

The end of the road is now clearly in site of where we stand. Certainly God does have much to say about what we are doing today, but the real question is do we really care?

If you do not want to believe in God and be a through going athiest, then evolution is exactly what you want. It takes God completely out of the equation the net result is a Godless society with no real meaningful rules. No one to tell us we should not be acting this way or not. I am not alone in saying that you asked for a society with no moral rules, except those you like, this is exactly what you earned. No rules mean school shootings, skyrocketing crime rates, divorce at an all time high rate and of course then there is always the question of the moral morase brought to us by excepting homosexuals as just a different life style as opposed to being an abomination to God. These things have brought us to a cross roads of sorts, will we keep going down this road or can we change directions before it is eternally to late. You should have listened to one of your own prophets and taken a moment to meditate before you took this step.

“I have always been strongly in favor of secular education without theology, but I must confess that I have been no less seriously perplexed to know by what practical measures the religious feeling, which is the essential basis of moral conduct, is to be kept up in the present utterly chaotic state of opinion on these matters without the use of the Bible.”


Written by tfheringer

June 11, 2008 at 8:49 pm

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