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Science or Farce

For many years now evolutionary science has been pounding it into our brains this little noxious statement that “the Bible was not intended to teach science”. The rest of the argument goes something like this, religion and science are compatible so long as religion takes care of itself and science takes care of every thing else. The bible is just about religion and has nothing to do with being scientific. That is the Bible is not a book on science, but we must go to the book of nature to learn about nature. This is pure none sense because evolutionary science is not even scientific itself.

There is not even one provable hypothesis among anything that evolutionists have said over the last almost 200 years. You can not take something from a lab experiment now in this time frame and then apply it with any thing close to certainty about something that happened by there own time frame millions of years ago. I am sure as I sit here writting this that some one will say you just do not understand and my answer is you are right I do not understand how otherwise smart people can be so very dumb. We are looking at the same set of facts, but coming up with a different set of conclusions. If you put on the presupposition that all the things we now see came about as an endless chain of mutations in genomes over an equally long period of time then yes you can come up with the theory of evolution, but it is just that a theory and you have proved nothing. Science only deals with things that exist in our own time, that we can examine and test with a real understanding of the results. If you do the same tests now and then try to say what happened millions of years ago, then it is not so good. If you start on the otherhand with the presupposition that the Genesis account was real and that the things that are mentioned in the first eleven chapters really happened, then what we examine today makes a lot of scence such as things like the Grand Canyon taking less then a year to form instead of endless years.

However, still no mater how much sence creationist make the evolutionist still tries to claim that science is behind their hypothesis. While just faith is behind the creationist science. When will this idiocy stop we all ready know that the evolutionary theory is full of big gaps and many holes, when will they admit it.


Written by tfheringer

June 11, 2008 at 11:16 pm

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