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What is the Pope.

At some point in the history of Rome the Caesar (we get our word czar from the word Caesar), became both the governmental leader (Emperor) and the religious leader. In the first century of the Christian era, as the influence of Christianity began to spread it came into conflict with Rome. This led to persecutions and an obsessive occupation with killing Christians in any way they saw fit. It was a spectacle at the Colosseum to watch Christians die. This began to change some what off and on through to the time of Constantine. He adopted Christianity as his religion and made it the state religion of the Roman empire in 355 A.D. So you can say that this was the Roman Catholic Church, down to this time you had Rome and there religion. You also had Christian churches spread across the empire from as far away as England, North Africa, Near East, France and Spain. There were many other places it spread and you could say these churches were Catholic, but not Roman Catholic. Catholic simply means general and was a reference to the Christian faith as crossing boundaries in Race’s.

Constantine changed this when he adopted the Christian religion as his religion, this is not saying he really was a Christian. The church at Rome had apostatised from the true faith many years before this and it was just a formality to combine it with Rome. The Roman Emperor had adopted Christianity, but Christianity as a whole had not adopted Roman Catholicism. There were many places where Christianity flourished, but these finally became a part of the Roman Catholic church by the end of the fifth century. However, there were many little pockets through out the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) where Christian churches existed that had not succumbed to the empire. Roman Catholicism is the perfect marriage between religion and the state. The pope is a descendant of the HRE, not a representative of Christ on earth, that is left to those who are really believers in Christ, the Bible says that Believers in Christ are Ambassadors for Christ. The leader of the harlot is not a Christian, but an impostor. This was recognized by Luther and many others down through history.


Written by tfheringer

June 11, 2008 at 11:29 pm

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