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Baptists predate 1600

Many people today are fooled by the claims of the Roman Catholic Church’s claim to apostolic succession. This without even a question as to the validity of the claim. There were a whole series of non-Roman Catholic Christian sects that existed before 1600 many of them had just as much claim to apostolic authority as did the Roman Catholic church. If even one of them were legitimate it puts the lie to the Roman Catholic Churches claim. However, one need go no further then the Bible to end that Question. First the Bible makes no allowance whatsoever for innovations or traditions as a substitute for the Word of God. If this were possible then the Jewish religious leaders could have been right, because they based their beliefs on tradition as opposed to a direct obedience to the Word of God. It was this traditional interpretation of the law that met with Christs direct confrontation. He obeyed for instance the written law, while disobeying the none written interpretations of that law. If Christ went that route with the Jewish leaders, then He most certainly would go that route with the Roman Catholic authorities. However, that is not all that this argument goes for and the reason is found in what the scriptures define as being apostolic. An apostle had to among other things be one who witnessed directly the Lord’s resurrection. None of the Popes has ever done that, Peter was not the first bishop of the church at Rome and may have never been there. If you examine the book of acts you will find that the relationship between witnessing the resurrection and being an apostle was spelled out specifically. This is the end of argument number one, but lets say just for arguments that the Catholic position is that the bishop of Rome is what is passed down to present time. This meaning that the elder of the Roman church becomes the father of the church at election by the cardinals. This argument creates some problems, among them being the moral turpitude that is historically found among past popes. Some of these men were immoral and definitely not real Christians. If even one of them was not a real Christian, then the whole chain breaks apart. What has been passed down historically to our times is belief in the doctrine of Scripture that has been held to faithfully by God’s people since the day of Pentecost. This is best seen among those we call baptists today who have faithfully held to the doctrine of Christ as taught in scripture. The Bible alone is sufficient in all matters of faith and practice.

The important thing here is not what you believe, but how you apply it to your daily life. It is one thing to say you believe in Jesus, it is quite another to practice the presence of The God-Man in your daily life. This is not a mater of what we say, but entirely of what we do. If Jesus is your savior then you must believe that he is Very God of Very God and Very Man of Very Man, there is no need of any kind of worship of Mary that will effect your relationship to Christ, because He is God and Man, which means He does not need any help or honor from His mother.


Written by tfheringer

July 12, 2008 at 1:12 am

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