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I feel it is time to clear up some issues. This blog is not a debatting site and so I will not respond to debate or anything that questions my conclussions. Right or wrong they are my conclusions. I know full well that I am not perfect and will on occassions make a statement that is not really clear enough. I make it a general rule to not allow comments that are in the nature of a debate.

A couple of years ago I was a member of a Yahoo group, which I am not going to name it rather then being an exercise of growth had turned into a debating society. I accept statements that are in opposition to what I say, only if they are short and do not entertain a response from me. If they do then I will delete the comment. There are very few comments to my posts and I like it that way, but if you do have something supportive to say, then I will be more then happy to allow it. I am not intending to be mean or unkind, but have had my share of arguments and in these cases this is the truth verses your error. So please keep that in mind. I will repost this from time to time.


Written by tfheringer

July 14, 2008 at 12:02 am

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