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Democrats and abortion

The Democratic party has committed itself to supporting the right to choice. In so doing this they are also supporting the so called “right” for a woman to have an abortion, within certain time limits. By doing this any Democrat running for office who might be right to life has aligned themselves with the murderers of unborn American children. If those possible Democrats who are pro life and are still supporting their party in spite of this, then you to will stand in the judgment to come over this issue as well. This country can no longer claim the blessing of God, because of its wanted murder of millions of human beings. These human beings are standing before God in heaven as a witness against you. We are about to have the election that will probably be the last of a free nation. From this point on America you are on your own, God help you in the future.


Written by tfheringer

July 21, 2008 at 12:36 am

Posted in Abortion, Politics

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