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A Summation of the Fundamentals of the Christian Faith

These are the issues that seem to bother the majority of so called church attendees these days. Most of They are held in common, by anyone who is really a Christian, this is the common faith that unites believers:

The Inerrant and authoritative Holy Scriptures: The first 1/3 of the fundamentals was taken up with the question of the trustworthiness of the Scriptures as the inerrant Word of God. II Timothy 3:16 as well as
11 Peter 1 are very supportive of this view of scripture.

The literal interpretation of those Scriptures: The same section in the fundamentals mentioned above is also testimony to how scripture is used in both the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. The major use of the Old Testament by Christ and the Apostles and how they used the Old Testament is testimony to its literalness. Check out how many times the Old Testament is quoted in the New Testament and understood to be literal.

The trustworthiness of the historical record in the book of Genesis (Creation): The book of Genesis is reliable for its testimony both for creation and for its historical content. The book of Genesis is primary evidence, because it not only is the truth, but came from the Hand of God. Christ quoted from the book of Genesis as well as the apostles did.

The trustworthiness of prophetic scripture in the Bible:

The virgin birth of Christ

The Deity of Christ (completely God and completely man)

The blood atonement of Christ

Justification by Faith alone

Salvation by Grace

Literal second coming of Christ: Although these last three are not specifically mentioned in the Fundamentals they are by nature alluded to. The first one is very suggestive that there is a hell to shun and a heaven to gain.

**The Pre-tribulation Return of Christ: I am going to hold off on this one for a later consideration of it in more detail then I want to include here.

**The Pre-millennial Return of Christ: I am going to hold off on this one for a later consideration of it in more detail then I want to include here.

The points with ** are not essential for salvation, but are suggestive of belief in the rest of the scriptures. Those who are Post-Mill, A-Mill or historical Pre-Mill are not considered by me as being unsaved, but just mistaken. Especially those who held to these positions before the 1800’s, I believe in the progressive nature of illumination concerning the understanding of the interpretation of scripture. That is since the completion of the cannon of Scripture the interpretation of the Bible has been understood better with each passing generation.

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