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I have been a Christian now for almost 50 years and have heard just about everything. I have heard more on this blog during the last two years then I have the previous 48. Now just for the record, I do not hate the Rick Warren people and churches, or Roman Catholics, I have had several good friends that are Roman Catholic. My comments are aimed at the Roman Catholic church itself. I have personally been accussed of being a pharisee many times by those who think I am self righteous. You have no right to think that of me, because you do not know me. Actions speak a lot louder then just words. As to who should be considered to be pharisee’s today I would say that the Roman Catholic leadership fits the bill to a T. That does not mean that all Roman Catholics are Pharisee’s, but it does mean that the basic methodology of holding tradition higher then the Word of God does make you a pharisee. The Pharisee of Jesus day did hold that tradition was more important then the Word of God. They held that the bible was hard to understand and needed to be interpreted. The problem was that their interpretation was itself in error and they put more emphasis on it, then on how to live what the Bible had to say. My proof for this and ,by the way I dislike proof text type theology, is found in how Christ treated the law of Moses verses how he treated the interpretation that the Pharisee gave of that law. The main example being about how to rest on the sabbath the interpretation forbid all activities on the sabbath including rescuing your cow if it got stuck in quicksand. Jesus pointed out by disobeying the law of the pharisee, that Moses law was sufficient.

I have never made neither am I going to start making answers to everyone who thinks I hate them, which I do not, because if I do, then I will be spending all of my time answering those comments. I just do not see a reason that is sufficient enough to allow comments that I basically disagree with, especially the kind that require an answer from me.

I remain standing by what I have stated without any kind of equivocation. I have made a great number of statements, but no where do I state that I hate Roman Catholics, I just think they are very mislead by a leadership that thinks they hold they only truth. My main point is they do not hold the truth period.


Written by tfheringer

August 4, 2008 at 1:26 pm

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