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Maybe it is not possible to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that baptists can trace there heritage back to the New Testament church. However, I still believe that they have more on their side then the Roman Catholic Church is willing to admit. The usual argument in defense of Roman Catholicism of having apostolic origin is from there own authorities. However, there are authorities that were Roman Catholic that admited that the Waldenses were of apostolic origin as well. If that be the case, then which of these is correct and if so to what degree are they of apostolic origin. Besides there is one issue that can never be forgiven the papacy and that is the murder of innocent protestants and baptists. One such example is what the Papacy did to the protestants of Paris and another is what they did to the Waldenses in northern Italy. I am pasting in the later here, but you can read it in its entire context at the link. Such events as these are unforgiveable in any court of the land, but Rome has yet to really repent in sack cloth and ashes over this. Even if she were to do this it is not enough, the words of Paul is to come out from them and be ye seperate says the Lord. There is no way that this Baptist preacher can even consider forgiveness of them as a church, but if you are a Roman Catholic and read this I strongly urge you to flee Rome before the judgement day comes.


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September 5, 2008 at 9:05 pm

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