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Short Definitions of Bible Terms

This post is going to be on going. There are many terms used in Scripture, that have definitions. These definitions are not external, but are found either in the meaning of the words or in the context of where they are found or both. I am going to start with some of the more important terms and due to a post that has used these terms recently I am going to start with the word “faith” this term is entered twice.

Faith–is always related to subject and action. The object of faith, when coupled to beliefs, is always placed in a set of beliefs. Faith is set in a particular set of Bible truths. Faith is always inexplicably related to beliefs. The primary set of truths are those in the gospel itself. These truths are that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, was buried according to the scriptures and that he rose again according to the scriptures. This is faith in a set of beliefs.

Faith–is also trust in what God says, that it will come to pass, and that the above truths are true. Faith in God, that means He will do what He says in scripture. A daily exercise in faith is a trust in a sovereign God that He will always do what He says. I trust in God that when He gives me air to breath or food to eat or water to drink that He will provide for me. I also trust that if God does not provide these things, that He does so for a reason. The reason can only be stated one way, “for thus seemeth it right in the eyes of the Lord.”


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