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Landmark Baptists the true church

I have been a Christian longer then some of you have been alive and in that period of time I have come to several conclusions. The least not of which the Roman Catholic church is an abomination to God. The blood of martyrs is on her hands and it can not be washed away in any way. An unbroken heritage back to new testament times is the heritage of modern Baptists. Some of these were almost exterminated by the Roman Catholic church, but enough were left to continue the New Testament church to the Present. The Roman Catholic church is a harlot and the mother of harlots spoken of in the book of Revelations. The Lord God is pleading with those still in this apostate church to with draw away from her, because the final judgment is coming. Check out the history of the Piedmont in Northern Italy to read of what the Roman Catholic church has done to these godly people.

The Montanists

Middle of the second century

The Novatians

250 A.D.

The Donatists

311 A.D.

The Paulicians

660 A.D.

The Albigenses

Tenth to sixteenth centuries

The Paterines

Eleventh to thirteenth centuries

The Petrobrussians and Henricians

1104 A. D.

The Arnoldists

1139 A. D.

The Waldenses

Earlier then 1120

The Anabaptists

Sixteenth century


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October 25, 2008 at 10:27 pm

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