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Words of wisdom for today

“In fact, Obama considered partial birth abortion a ‘“legitimate medical procedure”’ and opposed a requirement that abortionists provide life-preserving care for infants who survive abortion attempts, because of the burden it would impose on the abortionist.” (wnd)
God forbid that we should put any more burden on these murderers after all they are just providing a service by eliminating those unwanted babies, just like Hitler did to six and half million Jews and three and half  other unwanted. This number gets even higher when we look at the Lenin and Stalin years in Russia with an unknown number of unwanted human beings. The Bible is very plane in this regard “thou shalt not kill” nothing elaborate for God’s plan just four little words, but we have also banned God’s law so that we can be unfettered when it comes to sin. Sola Scriptura for our cry of authority


Written by tfheringer

November 29, 2008 at 2:43 pm

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