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Spiritual War

We are in the midst of a most profound spiritual war, one that is in the defense of biblical truth. Mankind has finally decided that he knows better then God, even though mankind professes to not have faith in God.  This warfare is a tug of war over our spiritual values as a nation. It is really about the eternal destiny of millions of souls and the hearts and lives of people the world over.  Why is it then becoming so hard to get believers to make a stand of committment to biblical truth.  Many no longer believe the biblical account of the life of Christ, in fact many just right out front deny the existence of Christ. We have come to the place as a people that we have sacrificed ourselves on the altar of humanism what is left of our loyalty to God’s word. It is so easy for our people to deny the biblical account of creation in favor of darwinian evolution, in fact even major world religious leaders have now sided with the darwinists.

One of the reasons that this is happening is that man is caught up in a struggle over reason. Reason has been found to be a deadly partner in living. What I mean is that once you have sucombed to the primacy of reason, then faith becomes just faith for faiths sake. God becomes just a word and when it is discovered that God is just a word it is but one step to saying God is dead. The other side of this is that since the Scriptures are authoritative and inerrant, that their authority must extend to the particulars. This includes all maters of faith and practice. One of those areas is history and the scriptures are authority in history, including creation. The world was made by God we are told in Scripture and this was done in 6 twenty four hour days, imagine the impact of this.

War between the fources of humanism and God’s army of believers is being fought on all fronts. The good news is that the war has already been won, because nothing can resist the Lord Jesus Christ without being broken into pieces.


Written by tfheringer

December 20, 2008 at 4:14 am

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