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As A Man Thinketh So is He.

“The inner thought world determines the outward action (Schaeffer, 20)

Human action always starts from our inner thoughts. “As a man thinks so is he” is taken in part from Proverbs 23:7, is very true our actions good or bad always start from what we are thinking. A Christ centered individual should always act by first asking if this is what Christ would have me do. Being Christ centered means to also be scriptural and biblically motivated. If we are to be a Christian people who are in possession of a great deal of discernment, then we must be a scriptural and biblically oriented people. Everyone starts with some basic presuppositions and moves from these to actions.

Thoughts become our basic presuppositions and we catch these from our families. We do this much like we catch the common cold. “…people with more understanding realize that their presuppositions should be chosen after a careful consideration of what world view is true (Schaeffer, 20).” When it gets all gets gathered together there really only a handful of basic world views (Schaeffer, 20). For about the last 25 years or so Christians have been abandoning a Christian world view in favor of a secular world view. Many scientists if not all of them claim that they have no presuppositions, but when it comes right down to the fine points it is impossible to not have a basic supposition. If your presupposition says that there is no God, then all of your thoughts, acts and decisions are based on atheism. This creates a very biased way to look at the world. “–that is, although world views have many variations, there are not many basic world views or basic presuppositions (Schaeffer, 20).

Basically if we are to understand what is happening in our world we must examine the past. Today’s world is best understood by looking at these three areas in history, philosophy, science and religion. Philosophy seeks to provide an answer by approaching it from the view point of an intellectual answer to the basic questions. Science as we see it today seeks to find answers in “physical universe” and then “practical application” of these answers in the area of technology. To the scientist how he or she sees the direction of where they go with their research, is based on their philosophic world view. A religious view also determines what direction a person will take in their lives and for society as well (Schaeffer, 20).

We thus need to see an understanding as to what the main dilemmas are and then look at the past to determine where this came from historically. We could go all the way back, or just as far as the Greeks to give us the needed lessons from history. We could just go back to the Romans, “..because Roman civilization is the direct ancestor of the modern Western world (Schaeffer, 20). Rome was one of the worlds great world empires of history and we gained many great things from the Roman empire, “But it had no real answers to the basic problems that all humanity faces (Schaeffer, 21).

The Greek and Roman empires attempted to build their whole society on their concept of god, however they ran into a problem in this respect, because “..these gods were not big enough because they were finite, limited (Schaeffer 21). In fact their gods were just larger then life human beings and for that reason were unable to be any kind of sufficient answer, their gods were just “amplified humanity” and not “divinity” (Schaeffer, 21). Their gods were not big enough to provide a “reference point” or even permanent enough that could relate to real lives.  Their gods lacked the kind of strength that would stand up under strains either political or individual. Once their society collapsed their gods did too (Schaeffer, 21).

The net result is that anytime you trust in a god made by human hands and in a humans image you have the recipe for failure. The Romans failed, because their gods ultimately failed. Many in our day are trusting in man made religion to cope with the hard things of life. When self centered man seeks to have peace and affluence instead of a personal relationship to Jesus Christ the result will be exactly what we see today. The largest religion in America today is not Roman Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, Muslim or for that mater it is not even considered to be a religious organization, but it is–Humanism is the predominant religion in America today. Humanism has both a secular form and a religious form. Many religious organizations have now adopted religious humanism and have virtually replaced Christ in many of our nation’s churches with this idol for that mater so has the whole world.


Written by tfheringer

January 10, 2009 at 11:13 pm

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