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A Christian world view vs. the trials of life

“it is important to realize what a difference a people’s world view makes in their strength as they are exposed to the pressure of life (Schaeffer, 22).”

There is a real necessity in these days to understand the significance of having a Christian world view. In point of fact these days few Christians have a Christian world view. In order to have a Christian world view entails believing that the Scriptures are able to be believed as being both inerrant and authoritative. Many people today claim to be Christians, but do not trust the scriptures. This makes itself evident in several doctrinal areas, among these are the sinless life and sacrifice of Christ, the Bible being true in the area of beginnings, godly living based on living out your doctrinal beliefs and finally that the Christian faith is the only truth. It was believing the teaching of the scriptures that led the early church to be strong enough to resist: “…to resist religious mixtures, syncretism, and the effects of the weaknesses of Roman culture…(Schaeffer, 22).”

The strength of the Christian faith rests not with the culture out of which the Roman government developed, but out of the scriptures themselves: “This strength rests on God’s being an infinite-personal God and his speaking in the Old Testament, in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, and in the gradually growing New Testament (Schaeffer, 22).” Christians had understanding about the world around them as well as about mankind. It was the scriptures that gave them knowledge about how to live in this world.

“…but they had absolute, universal values by which to live and by which to judge the society and the political state in which they live (Schaeffer, 22).”

The scriptures gave them something else of great value, “And they had grounds for the basic dignity and value of the individual as unique in being made in the image of God (Schaeffer, 22).” This is something that we are missing in great abundance in our nation and world today. We have completely walked away from recognizing the basic dignity and value of human life. The news is filled with violence, both the illegal kind and the legal kind. We murder innocent babies and our excuse is that we need to have personal freedom and affluence. A society can only survive and stand if its base is strong. If the base is week as it is now, then it can not survive anything  more then light pressure. We must face in America that the complete collapse of our nation is eminent, because “Without a sufficient base, when such pressures come only time is needed–and often not a great deal of time–before there is a collapse (Schaeffer, 23).” We are beginning to see the collapse of our culture and the eminent judgement of God on our culture.

Schaeffer, Francis How Should We Then Life


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