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Get Out or Stay

Just so you have the right information for what I am about to say, when it comes to war I am a hawk. In the 60’s there were two sides to the arguments over Vietnam. There were the peaceniks  (doves) and then those who supported the war (hawks). The truth today is I would like to support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but find it extremely hard to do so. First looking at it realistic we stand no chance of actually winning this conflict. Second if we are not able to stomach this then the only alternative is to go home. In a war there are always casualties and if you are unable to accept that and still want to stay then just shut up. Third, this war is not winnable, because it is hard to win a war against ideology if not impossible. Just take our losses and get out of there. Make a warning that any nation or ideology that seeks to harm us will be dealt with harshly.


Written by tfheringer

March 17, 2009 at 2:04 pm

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