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The Sons of Liberty Revisited

Much needs to be said about Liberty these days considering we are loosing most of our inalienable rights to Washingtons, Power Brokers.

Socialism is now called Obamanism, the real truth is that he is a dictator and is introducing communism into these United States in the guise of  making things better. Resist globalism while it is still possible. Since when can Washington do things better, just check out what they have done over the years and weep.  Power always corrupts and absolute power always corrupts abs0lutly the “We can do” means nothing it is just a slogan that sounds cutesy. The real I can do means he can impose a communist state without those of us who would resist being allowed to say one word in our own defense and in defense thus of liberty. Our founders shed blood that we might have freedom, just to have Obama take it away, he is worse then King George.  Please Oh! God deliver us from this present evil.

There will be a new birth of freedom just as soon as some of the states in the union realize what is being done. Alaska, you can be first to leave the union. I will not fight,  but I will stand up and be counted for freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. Since the internet is the new press, then every computer in America has the possibility to right a new declaration of independence from Obama’s Socialist Regime.


Written by tfheringer

March 31, 2009 at 10:27 pm

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