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Higher Tax's cannot fix us

It would be a good idea to fire the president, congress and the supreme court. These guys have no idea about what will help America. Apparently according to them spending a lot of money and taxing us heavily will make the problems go away. Obama and his cronies in congress including those from the minority party are nuts if they think that hard working Americans are going to go down over this without a fight. Our fore fathers fought over taxation without representation,  we are fighting taxation with thieves for representation. Most Americans if not all Americans are now under represented in our own government. This makes King George look like a saint, in some respects that would be better then what we have now. It is a travesty to turn our nation over to an international criminal conspiracy now called globalization. Uniting all of north America into a super nation is not going to help any of our people or the people of the other north American nations. I call for a national boycott of all that is coming out of Washington. So to speak a national sit in to object to our governments grabbing of more authority then they deserve.


Written by tfheringer

April 15, 2009 at 9:53 pm

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