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Join me here in defense of liberty

Let all those who want to speak up in favor of liberty stand up and be counted, if Patrick Henry could do it in 1788, then certainly we should be able to stand up in 2009 and not let Washington D.C. tare our weapons from our hands:

Patrick Henry quotes

I have the highest veneration of those Gentleman, — but, Sir, give me leave to demand, what right had they to say, We, the People? My political curiosity, exclusive of my anxious solicitude for the public welfare, leads me to ask who authorized them to speak the language of, We, the People, instead of We, the States? States are the characteristics, and the soul of the confederation. If the States be not the agents of this compact, it must be one of great consolidated National Government of the people of all the States.


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April 16, 2009 at 12:21 pm

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