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Right Wing Extremist

I have been a right wing extremist for many years. In fact I have been a right wing extremist most of my life and I have yet to kill anything other then some ducks. I have not blown up any countries and this is something I abhor so do not look for me to do it. Yet, this extreme liberal extremist government thinks we are extremists, those who live in glass white house and congress buildings should not throw stones. Until they are willing to drop this kind of thing I see no reason to pull in my comments. In fact, they are determined to kill as many human babies who are yet unborn just to show they can do it. This needs to  stop and it needs to stop now.

Those of us who want to make a stand on Biblical values are going to be made to shut our mouths, this even though the constitution guarantees us the right to freedom of speech and religion. The Bible forbids homosexual acts and this is evident in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. So what am I to do? I will continue to preach the truth until you pull the Bible out of my cold dead hands. If there is any hate it begins in congress and the White House, nothing is being done about them, because there is no transparency there. It is simply a mater of them having taken all the power and forbids us of any kind of redress of grievances.


Written by tfheringer

April 17, 2009 at 8:05 pm

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