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Tea Parties and Harbors

boston-tea-party-1789-engravingI  think I might have got it this time. The answer to our economic delimia is to throw money at it and hope that will miraculously cure the problem. What makes you think that Washington can get things right this time, they never have in the past. Just so you do not think I am just against Obama, remember he was in congress before he became president and he was not able to fix it then, this means I blame congress as much for this as I do the president. Further, race has absolutely nothing to do with it, some of the more vocal opponents of the president and his policies happen to be black. If you think I just blame this on the Democrats I don’t Republicans have had an ample amount of time to really repair the damage and have yet to succeed. In fact it was Republican policies following the lead of Democrats such as Clinton that have got us to this mess in the first place. Lets just dump their tax’s into Boston Harbor and when that is filled we will use New York Harbor, just please keep it away from middle America we have enough problems with stupid politicians where we live.


Written by tfheringer

April 19, 2009 at 3:32 pm

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