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I hope you forward this to where ever possible this is so very important because if you do not we may loose it all we are on the brink of loosing it all

from Christian Anti Defamation league


Dear Thomas,Dr. Gary Cass
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the relentless and scandalous attacks on Jesus Christ, the church, and Christians?
Wherever you turn someone is trying to silence Christians, stamp out our freedom of speech, slander the good character of believers like Sarah Palin and her children, or bring violence and murder into our Church sanctuaries.
It would be easy to sit back, keep a low profile, pretend it isn’t happening … and hope no one notices.  But we can’t do that!
That’s why we fought for Child Evangelism Fellowship in Oklahoma. They were told they could not share the gospel with the hurting children in a public housing development in Tulsa, even though they had been doing it for twenty years.
Together, by God’s grace, we were able to cause the public housing authority to reverse course and insure that Child Evangelism Fellowship has access to minister to these kids. Praise the Lord.
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The Bible gives us a clear declaration that we are, “appointed for the defense of the gospel.”
In I Peter we read,”…always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you … when they defame you as evildoers, those who revile your good conduct in Christ may be ashamed.”
Almost every day we see disparaging remarks made in the media about Bible believing Christians. History tells us that defamation of persons of any religion or ethnic group precedes persecution or even genocide.
We cannot be naïve about the slippery slope of defamation, marginalization, discrimination, and persecution.
That is why I am so thankful for you.  You are a courageous warrior.  You are willing to take a stand against the venomous attacks on Christ, His church, and His servants.
You too are appointed for the defense of the gospel!
Christian bashing is alive and well in America. We see Christians who stand up for marriage are called hateful. We see pro-lifers demonized because they uphold the sanctity of human life. Faithful ministers who stand on the truth of God’s word are insulted as ignorant.
But, we are appointed for the defense of the gospel!
The Holy Spirit is binding our hearts together as we become an irresistible force to combat anti-Christian bigotry wherever it raises its ugly head.
And, our voice is growing. Just within the past few days we finalized a new partnership with the Bott Radio Network to expand the reach of our daily FREEDOM ALERTS to another eighty five radio stations. This makes almost 300 stations that air our daily radio commentary!
Now tens of thousands of Christians across America are being informed about the attacks on Christians that the main stream media refuses to report. We are also mobilizing our listeners to join with us as we defend the faith.
I praise God for using us and expanding our voice…
…for we are appointed for the defense of the gospel!
But, in spite of all these great victories, our voice is in danger of being silenced.  We are dangerously low on the funds we need to operate. We need your support to stay in the fight.
As a defender of the gospel, can you send a special gift this week? You can donate online by clicking here.
Please, prayerfully consider what you will do to help with this important need.  The enemies of our faith are not backing off.  They’re not taking vacations from their bigotry.  They are busily defaming the name of Christ with every opportunity.  They intend to silence the gospel!
Thank you for your faithful support.  Together we can reclaim America for Christ!
In the name of our Lord,
Dr. Gary L. Cass
P.S. Religious liberty is a precious freedom that very few in the world have ever possessed.  We are truly blessed.  But we must stand together or religious liberty will be lost for our children and grand-children. Please send the best gift today that you can afford by clicking here. I need your help.

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