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Christians Persecuted in Pakistan

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In our day as a general rule Christians do not go around burning Mosques, but apparently Muslims do:

“It took more than five hours for emergency personnel to reach the mob scene. By that time, eight Christians were dead, 100 Christian homes and one church building were burned. Christians had to use vegetable carts to transport dead and wounded family members to the hospital. All this death and destruction occurred because of a rumor — a Christian had torn the pages of the Quran. It was a rumor later proven false.”

Outside of the crusades I am unaware of any instances of a Christian mob or riot that resulted in the burning of a mob. As for the crusades they were instigated by the pope and are not representative of the historical thinking of all Christians. So do not go and place us together in the same box. The Bible is being abused and destroyed in our day, but you do not see Christians burning buildings or killing people over it. There is much more to be gained by peacefully protesting abuses then there is by a mob mentality.

Apparently Muslims have a problem with humility or the whole concept of being humble. They seem to equate humility with humiliation. When we as Christians exhibit humility they view it as a weakness.

“As a result, Islam looks upon people who are genuinely humble as being weak. Which brings up an interesting Catch-22 when dealing with the Muslim world today: if the West portrays itself as humble, it indicates weakness and that it is ripe for attack; if the West portrays itself as strong, it is perceived as humiliating Muslims and therefore it must be attacked.” (see Elder of Ziyon)

Maybe it is this characteristic of Christ in the gospels that so irritates the Muslim. Remember the world has hated Christ long before it hated us.


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September 1, 2009 at 3:22 pm

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