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A. C. Dixon, Pastor of Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, England commented about the Scriptures as the inspirid Word of God when he said:

It is four-fold: “Profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness? “Doctrine” is the teaching, not of the man as he may express his opinion in social converse, but of the ambassador who carries with him the weight of his government’s authority; and in the Bible we find God’s official proclamation of love, pardon, cleansing, righteousness and peace.
The word “reproof” comes after doctrine, because it has to do with the character which doctrine makes. The Bible is profitable not only for the doctrine which we get out of it, but it is the standard by which we try our doctrines. It proves and reproves. It is the plumb-line that we drop by the wall to see if it is straight. It is the yard-stick by which we measure every creed.
The word “correction” means restoration, and gives a thought in advance of doctrine and reproof. It has in it the thought of making right what we have found to be wrong. The plumb-line may show that the wall leans, but it cannot straighten it. The yard-stick may reveal that the cloth is too short, but it cannot lengthen it. The Bible, however, not only shows us wherein we are wrong, but it can right us. When Canova saw the piece of marble which, at great expense, had been secured for a celebrated statue; his practiced eye discovered a little piece of black running through it, and he rejected it. He could discover the black, but he could not make the black white. The Bible discovers the black and makes it white.
The fourth word, “instruction,” means literally “child-culture,” and has in it all that the parent needs for the growth, development and maturing of the child. The Bible is a training school in righteousness. Other books give training in music, rhetoric, oratory, but the specialty of the Bible is training in righteousness.”(

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June 18, 2010 at 10:10 am

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