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Christian or Not

Our president says he is a Christian, but does that mean he really is one? In fact does he know what a Christian really is or even understand what it means to be a Christian? I think the truth is that by his own admition and by his words he is just the opposite. He is what I would term an anti christian. He is the anti thesis of what it means to be a Christian. Christians do not begrudge what Christians believe just for political reasons. If he was really a Christian he would drop the whole idea of a womans right to choose and be as strong an anti abortion person as he could possibly be. He would also take as strong a position pro family as he could possibly be, this means he would not try and see just how hard he could support the homosexual agenda as he is doing. This also means a whole host of things that he is doing. Why try and see how man Christians you can antagonize just so you can support a liberal agenda if you really are a Christians. By their actions you shall know them, his actions tell me he is not a Christian, the feeling I get listening and watching him is that he is not a believer in Christ at all.


Written by tfheringer

November 13, 2010 at 2:08 pm

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