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Hate or Love

These two qualities are exact opposites. Is it possible though to hate some one or some thing and at the same time love them? Love is defined as: “To dislike intensely; to feel strong hostility towards”. I have an intense dislike towards liberals and maybe even a hostility to them. I think we need to resist their attempts to destroy this nation that I love so much. We are being forced to accept that which we find to be “sin” and start to accept them as being just the same as we are, this even though they are not even in the same class as we are. Should those who violate God’s Holy Word in commandments be treated as though they have not done so? The commandment that says do not commit any kind of an abomination mean that suddenly we are to treat homosexuals as though they have God’s acceptance? If God says they have deserved His wrath and eternal damnation, then that is what they deserve. It does not mean that I am to put feet to it and do something that only God can do.

I feel the same way about those who take the lives of the unborn. It is just plain murder to do so. However, to do wrong just because they have is just as wrong. It is never right to do do wrong that good may come of it. We are being forced to accept things as being OK even when God has said it is not OK.

I hate injustice and Sinful acts, while at the same time loving those who have earned God’s wrath. God does accept repentence and certainly this is a day to preach repentence and forgiveness of sins. Like the prophets of old, please repent before it is too late.


Written by tfheringer

November 13, 2010 at 2:10 pm

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