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The founding brothers fought a tyranny based on the King of England and Parliment. We have a Tyranny now that exceeds that of the 18th Century. Washington is power hungry and gobbling up all the authority it can grab, under neath the banner of transparency,  problem is it is everything but transparent. I have chosen James Madison is my web name, because he championed our constituti0n having personally wrote most of it as well as the bill of rights. I am sure he and Thomas Jefferson would be a little shocked about what has happened to our republic. If it is possible to role this nation back to less government and more personal responsiability, then lets do it, but if that is not possible then we must follow the course that will gaurantee the United States freedom, liberty and equality, that is atleast equil to that of 1789.


Written by tfheringer

March 31, 2009 at 10:27 pm

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